Cat ready for grooming

Professional animal grooming in Coburg

We have a great range of packages to suit all animals – large and small.

Here is just a sample of the services we offer. Drop us a line for information on other packages, or to tailor a package specifically for your pet.

Full service

This is the most luxurious service we have… and probably the most luxurious and professional animal grooming in Coburg. Your pet is indulged in a total pampering experience. When you bring your pet in, we discuss the style you want for your pet. Your pet is then made comfortable in its own exercise pen while we get everything ready - clipping, manicure, ears cleaned, full body massage hydro-oxy bath, fluff dried and brushed out, styling with a scissor finish, and to complete the service – doggy cologne

Small bits

This mini makeover is almost identical to the full service, however in the full service we pay attention to the whole body coat of the pet, whereas with the small bits service we only pay attention to the crucial areas of the pet, like its feet, face, bottom, tidy trim, and not the body coat. Your dog still comes away looking, smelling, and feeling great. Perfect for that in-between full groom tidy up. 


As well as pampering your pet, we also offer a great range of pet products, including most of the products we use ourselves. Shampoo and conditioner, soaps, nail clippers, toothbrushes and toothpaste and of course, treats. We also have a stunning range of leather leashes and collars, and comfy beds for your pet! For the most profesional animal grooming in Coburg call us now.